Monday, January 16, 2012

What happens in Vegas. Stays in Vegas.

Every month, we highlight one mystery on our Party of the Month link on our murder mystery message board. This is January's winner!

 Erin and I hosted our Sin City Murder Mystery last weekend, and it was a total hit! All of our friends came dressed as their character, and did a wonderful job at the party.

We hosted it at our friends house because his basement was just perfect for the event. 

'Jim Beam' was able to tend bar at the full bar that was there. Guests were also able to play pool, and we purchased a mini roulette table to complete the casino look. We ordered a Vegas backdrop so all of our guests could have pictures taken in front of it. 

For party favors we had mini key chains for the ladies, and shot glasses for the men. 

The night started off with old classical music, like Frank Sinatra, to give it that old Vegas feel. Once the drinks started flowing we turned Vegas into a hot spot nightclub and had an epic dance party! 

Everyone keeps talking about how amazing and how much fun they had at this party! We are definitely going to make this an annual, maybe even semi-annual event! Can't wait to host our next party!

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