Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ho Ho Homicide Comment Contest

Tell us about your Holiday Party 
and the next one may be on us!
We are looking for comments, pictures and posts about your recent Ho Ho Homicide Party! All you have to do is post our Night of Mystery Message Board here. If you are not already a user, you will need to register for the board. After doing this, you will be 'approved' by the administrator, this is simply so we don't get spammers on our board. Hint: send an email to Ross asking him to approve you right away. He will do so.

After you have been approved, you will have the ability to post your comments, stories, highlight, recaps, etc. of how your party went directly on the forum. Be sure to avoid using any spoilers (ie, don't tell us who the murderer or victim are, kay? We would hate to ruin it for anyone who hasn't played the game). If you are uber-tech-savvy, go ahead and post your pictures with your posting (leaving out any spoilers) OR if you are not, just email the photos to Ross who will add them to your posting.

  • You have until February 28th to get your postings and pictures in
  • Three parties will be picked and highlighted here
  • The poster of parties that are picked will receive $50 gift certificates for Night of Mystery
  • You don't need to be the host of the party (ie, guests can post their pictures and recounts of the night)