Thursday, December 16, 2010

Party of the Month- December 2010

Every month, we highlight one mystery on our Party of the Month link on our murder mystery message board. This is December's winner!
We held Killing for the Crown Saturday, September 13, 2008, as a church ladies activity. This was the first time that our church had ever done anything like this.

Myself, along with another lady, picked Killing for the Crown about a year ago. We had been planning this party ever since. 

Anyway, about a month ago we posted a sign up sheet in our church foyer and waited anxiously for people to sign up. We were thinking that we would have maybe 15 ladies at most. Well, we ended up having about 38 people total sign up to come. We had to figure out what to do because there were only 25 characters that came with the pack. We decided to make up a few characters...Holly Hawaii, Penny Pageant (Patty Pageant's sister), Valarie Vermont and Mindy Mass. The rest of the people we called spectators. They were still able to participate, but they really didn't have a "role".

The night of the party finally came. We had set up our church's fellowship hall in blue and white. We had balloons, a platform, grab bag gifts...We alternated our table settings to be blue and white. We made up little tags for our party favors that had the name of the mystery, our church's name and the date we held the event.

We decided to have the event catered. We had fried chicken, Italian beef, potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, cheesecake, etc...after all...these are beauty queens who, throughout the year, try to watch their figure....we decided to have them go "hog" wild for dinner.

We followed the suggested party schedule, so while the participants ate they were trying to complete all of their objectives. Once their objectives were complete, the lights went out...when they came back on....someone had been murdered. 

Mourning the lost of a loved one

It was hysterical watching everyone complete their second set of objectives, while trying to figure out "who dunnit". 

Once Patty Pageant read the solution, all you could hear was the sound of "Ohhhhh...." as it clicked with everyone why the certain participant had done it.

Throughout the night we had grab bag gifts to hand out. There were gifts like body spray, nail polish with nail files and nail clippers, whitening toothpaste with a toothbrush and mouthwash, face wash with wrinkle to kind of go along with the night...oh...and the grand prize was the game....yes....Clue 

Anyway, we had a great time. Everyone that attended had a wonderful time as well. They are already coming up to me asking when we are going to have the next Murder Mystery. Some want another one next month. I am glad everyone had a great time. We are looking at doing another one at the beginning of next year.

Anyway....Thanks for a great time!!!! 

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