Tuesday, December 20, 2011

End your year with a BANG!

What better way to kill time while waiting for the
clock to strike midnight?
It's not too late to order a mystery and have a murder mystery party for the New Year!
Since our mysteries are all downloadable, you can order as late as New Years Eve!
Your guests will love something new and exciting to pass the time while you
wait for the New Year to arrive...  

A few we might suggest:
Get started today by downloading an emailable invitation for any party you choose.

Finish off your year right by making your New Years Eve party the talk of the town. Guaranteed to have everyone talking about what mystery you will throw next year. 
Click here to see all the themes Night of Mystery offers and get started planning today!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Give the gift of mystery!

Ever wonder what to get the person who has it all? Or the party hostess with the mostest?
Consider giving a gift certificate from Night of Mystery.

• A unique and original gift
• Let the receiver of the gift certificate pick their own theme and party size
• You can pick the amount you wish to give. If you don't see the amount you desire on our drop-down menu, just email us.
• Some customers have used it as a "thank you" for their party host/hostess
• One way to insure your favorite party host/ess is certain to throw ANOTHER rocking party this year!
• Don't miss out on the fun these parties provide!
• For more information on the parties, please see Night of Mystery and their about page.

To purchase a gift certificate, please select the amount you want in the drop-down menu below and then press "Buy Now". You will be purchasing off of the Paypal site, but you can use either Paypal or credit card - you DO NOT need a Paypal account.

Once purchased, we will send you an electronic gift certificate via email with a unique code with the amount you have specified(pictured below). Print out your gift certificate for the receiver of your gift certificate. The receiver of the gift certificate will be allowed to use that amount towards any party on the website. **Please allow 48 hours to receive your  gift certificate.
Gift Certificate Options
Make this the most mysterious holiday yet!

Friday, December 9, 2011

A way to keep warm in the winter...

Every month, we highlight one mystery on our Party of the Month link on our murder mystery message board. This is December's winner!
** Keep in mind, even if we don't pick you the month you submit, you will be re-entered into the contest until you DO get picked! ** 

The last weekend in August was the perfect time to hold my end-of-summer murder mystery party. It's the second one I've done and everybody had a blast. I told each person to really get into their character. And they sure did. One female guest came up with a full on back story where she was nine-months pregnant. Halfway through the party, she gave birth to twins!

I had a over twenty people and bought the add-on pack as well. I cast my sixteen-year-old cousin as the busboy, Gilligan. It was fun coming up with names for the characters in the add-on pack. 

The party was in the backyard, poolside. We had a bar set up, along with a tattoo station. Lifesaving Sam (with some help from Sandy Beach bum) even tried to surf in the pool. Didn't work out too well, but was funny nonetheless. I also had a bocce ball tournament going, with random partners, to get everybody mingling even more.

The prize voting was split every which way at the end of the night. So many people got votes for best dressed and best performance.

We had two people actually solve the case. I had the murder victim become the cop solving their own murder halfway through to keep them involved.

The next day I started getting emails asking when the next one was going to be. I had a few people at the party that I didn't know and they were so thrilled to have been invited. They couldn't stop talking about it! Fun times all around!

To enter comments and pictures for your party, please register on our message board and post your comments under the party theme that you hosted. You will automatically be entered to win!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Because we love our fans...

...and our fans love FREE stuff!
A monthly contest from Night of Mystery. 
Here are the rules:
(1) Simply "Like" us on Facebook.
(2)  On the 15th of every month, we will pick one of our fans randomly to receive a free party! ($40 value)

Nothing more you will have to do. You can't really lose in this situation - only win!
Our way of saying thanks for supporting us.