Friday, October 14, 2011

Party Planning - Creating Backdrops!

One way to make a memorable night is to have a backdrop where your guests can create their own memories! Whether it is serious, elegant or just plain old fun, creating a backdrop for your guests to pose by will help enhance photo opportunities and provide you with many more ways to remember the night!

A few suggestions:
  • Pick a place where there will be good lighting.
  • You can make it as elaborate or simple as you want.
  • Accessories and decorations can make the difference. Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with.
  • An easy way to create a background is to use a "scene setter". These affordable rolls of images  transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture.
  • Make sure there is enough room to fit everyone in to the frame.
  • For individual shots of guests, designate someone to be in charge of pictures as your guests arrive. 
    • Consider your character list and which character would fit the role of taking the picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the police chief to be in charge of taking the pictures.
  • For a group picture, take one just before the introduction is read or right after the solution is read (before people may start heading out). 
    • These are two times when you can count on everyone being around and attentive.

Here are some pictures from customers who have created great backdrops and, thus, lifetime memories!
Try taking "mug shots" for your mystery theme. It is a great way to capture everyone in their costume.

Simple props can add a lot!

Glamming it up on the runway.
A "scene setter" was used here.
Sometimes you just have to pick a good spot with good lighting!

This highly crafted backdrop is one we still can't get over!


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