Monday, October 25, 2010

Invitation in a Bottle!

Your guests will go overboard when they receive their invitation as a message in a bottle!!!
Imagine the surprise and intrigue you will create around your party when you invite your guests to a murder via a message in a bottle?
 We found these bottle invites online and personalized them by sending the invites that are provided in the Night of Mystery party packets in them. (You can download an invite here.) The bottles were able to be sent via the post-- just make sure to seal the bottom of the bottle with the address label or tape.

When we added in our own stuff, this is what our guests received!

These bottles are perfect to use with Murder in Margaritaland and Cruising For Murder. Not to mention, we found some pirate-themed bottles online that would work perfectly with Murder Among the Mateys!
Perfect for Murder in Margaritaland
Pirate-themed Bottle Invites
 Not only will you have the most unique party with Night of Mystery-- but a very unique way to invite your guests!!!


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